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Can't get the ring off your finger? TOP 5 working tips (not only) from our grandmothers!

Published: 01, October 2021

Probably all of us have problem with the fact, that the ring does not take down from finger and no matter how hard we try, it stays in place. Today we give you some tips on how to make sure that both your finger and the jewel come out of it without any consequences. Whatever you try, remember NEVER DO IT BY FORCE - it will keep not only your jewelry, but also your finger safe.

1. Quickest first aidIt's tempting to wet your hand with saliva, but that also tempts most people to use their teeth, which can forever affect the design of your jewelry. Instead, use soap and water. Cold water is preferable, because if the finger is only slightly swollen, it helps with the swelling.

2. Hands up and cool down!If the finger is swollen, sometimes changing the position of the hand will help to drain fluid from the affected spot - the finger will go down a little and in a moment the problem is solved. A cold shower can do the same. However, if it is a larger swelling, or if it is caused by an accident, then this solution may be prompt - at such times, when the ring really needs to come off, it is best to ask a jeweller for removal, who will (unfortunately) pinch it with pliers. However, there is a solution to this too, as the ring can later be rejoined in a jewellers workshop and after your finger will be OK, you can continue to wear it. However, always have the new size measured after the finger is fully healed.

3. Dental flossPrepare about 1 m of dental floss. Thread it underneath between the ring and the skin, leaving about 10 cm in the palm of your hand (so you can catch it). Gradually wrap the rest of the floss around your finger in the direction from the ring to the nail, then tie it up so it doesn't come loose. With the end that is in the palm of your hand, slowly slide the ring away from your finger. If you twist the thread in the opposite direction to the way you wound it, you will get the ring off in a moment.

4. Slide and circular movementsThat's right! Using hair conditioner, petroleum jelly, hand cream, or even a medical ointment with disinfectant or antibiotics - that is, if you have an open wound around the ring, create a "slide" under the ring, on which you will move the ring gently and non-violently in a circular motion (back and forth in a semicircle), until it gradually comes off. However, never push, lest your finger swell even more.

5. Two extra handsSometimes one hand is not enough. When skin overhangs on the finger cause the skin to build up at the joint, it is not easy to pull the ring through. This is the situation, where one more hand can help by pulling the ring back towards your hand when it is just in front of the joint (while you are pulling the ring outwards).

When to find some help?

When the ring cannot be removed, the process can become an exercise worthy of a Zen master. So arm yourself with patience if you can't do it right away. If the ring really can't be removed by any method, you need to contact a professional - a jeweler, a medical emergency or the fire department, who handle such "interventions." When the swelling is extreme and the finger begins to change color, medical attention should be found immediately.

However, as we know, nothing comes "out of the blue", even the process of swelling or weight gain has its phases and if we are attentive, we can avoid such situations.

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