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Diamonds and jewellery, that have been passed down for generations

Published: 04, October 2021

Diamonds have not always been only a symbol of wealth, abundance and beauty, but there are also an investment in security.
Diamonds hold 5-10% of the world's wealth and families around the world choose diamonds as the depositary of family wealth. The "family tradition of diamond ownership" has thus become a common term whose meaning and, above all, the security, it brings to life, is known by generations and future generations will wait for it.

Diamonds in the familyDiamond jewellery is widely available nowadays and therefore everyone can start this tradition, to a lesser or greater extent. Men often choose a gift for a woman (whether for an anniversary, Christmas, birthday, holiday...) in a portfolio of diamond jewelry, and they know, that such jewelry is not only an emotion, a beauty, but also a value that accumulates over time and will one day be passed on to the next generation. It is actually a hidden asset that is not visible to others but brings great security to life.

Even our grandmothers knew well that better than a new mobile phone that loses its value in a moment, it is better to give a diamond jewellery to our grandchildren, because the diamond in it keeps increasing in value in the long time, so it is stable security for the value that is embedded in it. Such a piece of jewellery is always an assurance for the rainy days, as you know you have "somewhere to reach", and it is a feeling with which important life moments can be completely transformed.

Don't look for gifts that are fugaciousPeople, who know well that a diamond is a stability security, that has been tested by history, would always advise a good friend before Christmas or other occasions, "Let´s buy a diamond!", and this is an advice, that will be signed on every day and not only at the moment of handing over a beautiful piece of jewellery.

You don't need millionsMany people live under the assumption, that they can only invest in diamonds with millions. This is not the case, although the richest in diamonds have millions, but anyone can start with a small sum in the tens of thousands. It is always about our mind set and also how we know how to handle money and think about the future. So when Christmas, a birthday, anniversary or other significant event is coming up and you are looking for the right gift, ask yourself what it will be worth in 10, 20 or 30 years. Because you can always choose a jewel that will reliably capture the magic of the moment and not only its emotion, but also its value will be eternal.

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