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How to choose the right engagement ring?

Published: 02, October 2021

 A jewel, that every woman's heart desires to see. It is an engagement ring, that is given from pure love, accompanied by that magical question and the answer to which will shine our whole life. Why is a diamond significant at such a moment? That's what we're going to look at today.

A glimpse into history
For a long time, no difference was made as to whether a ring was an "engagement" (i.e., came with a proposal) or a "wedding" ring. In short, a ring spoke of the connection of two people. Already in ancient Egypt (3000 BC) the ring (i.e. the circle) was a symbol of eternity. This ring was worn on the ring finger of the left hand, from which, according to the Egyptians, a vein led directly to the heart, the symbol of love. In those times, the materials used to make rings were different. Reeds were used (in later times also bones or metals). The finger has remained the same to this day and its meaning is love and its forms for our lives - as many languages confirm (for example, in Indonesian the little finger is called "jari manis", which translates as "sweet finger").

 Why a diamond?A diamond was appeared in a wedding ring in 1477 for the first time. With a diamond ring in his hand, Archduke Maximilian I of Habsburg proposed to Mary of Burgundy. Since then, the diamond has been associated with the ring for this special occasion and since diamonds have become a common part of the jewellery trade, jewellery with them and therefore engagement rings have been available to us all. However, few people suspect that the diamond in such jewellery has another meaning. For it is an expression and promise of a man's ability to take good care of his bride-to-be and their family together. It is therefore said that the value of such a diamond ring should be equal to or more than 3.5 times the man's monthly income. 

Engagement rings todayToday's age offers a huge variety of diamond rings, which are mostly created from gold or platinum. It is the rarity of the diamonds that determines the price of the jewelry, which is evaluated on 4 parameters. It is called "4c", which is CUT, COLOR, CARAT = weight and CLARITY = clarity of the diamond. There are also many 1ct (1 carat) diamond rings on the market, that are considered "investment diamonds". However, each piece of jewelry and diamond is a value, that is usually passed down through generations. Therefore, even such an engagement ring can be an opportunity to establish this family tradition.

How to choose?It is always a good idea to prepare a budget first - that is, how much you want to invest in such a piece of jewelry. According to this, you will know what category of ring and diamond you are looking for. Very nice rings are available from 450 USD, but the prices lead, in proportion to the value of the diamond, to "infinity".  Then you decide according to the design of the ring, and the men in the jewellery shop will be well advised by the salesman, who is already experienced and knows well, what suits which woman. But always listen to your heart first, because it is your heart that will say that beautiful sentence when handing over the jewellery.


What size should I choose?

It is whispered that if the engagement jewellery is smaller and the woman does not wear it, it is bad luck. That's why it's better to choose a piece of jewellery that's a little bigger if you don't know the exact size (downsizing a ring is a common and simple task with most jewellery).

Since it is clear that going to measure a woman's finger however unobtrusively is not an option, a good friend of the woman's can help, or conversely, your friend can ask your partner to go with him to choose a ring for his wife. This is one way to discreetly find out the exact size of the ring you are looking for.

We wish you to make the selection and the moment of handing it over a beautiful experience and remember that an engagement ring is not just an integral part, but a real jewel that expresses more than a thousand words.

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