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When and to whom can we give diamond jewellery?

Published: 03, October 2021

Jewellery with diamonds are wonderful carriers of emotions. They can constantly remind us of the unique magic of the moment, which is often associated with a significant moment in our lives. But they don't have just beauty and emotional charge. Even our grandmothers knew well, that such jewellery is an investment, as it carries with it (in the form of gems and diamonds) its value forever.  And believe me, we can find many moments, that deserve to be celebrated with something as noble as a diamond, both in the calendar and in our journeys through life.

Celebrating partnership and loveCelebrations and ceremonies as weddings and engagements are inherently associated with a diamond ring. However, there are other occasions that we can use to conjure up  a moment, that is absolutely unique. There is for example an ANNIVERSARY, which is actually the "birthday" of our relationship and we celebrate it in the same way - every single year on a regular day, which literally encourages you to gradually assemble a beautiful diamond set for your partner, in which individual diamond jewels carry the same design elements (or even coloured gemstones), thus gradually adding another jewel to your wife's jewellery box year after year. Such a collection is then a great treasure that is passed down in families for generations, not only for its aesthetic value, but it is a great emotional value and of course the value that keeps increasing in diamonds. For men, cufflinks, a diamond pen or a luxury diamond watch are ideal gifts.

Birth of a childOne of the most significant moments in the life of a woman, a man and the child. A moment that calls for a real jewel and most often it is a ring set with a magnificent diamond. However, the choice also often falls on a coloured tanzanite gemstone, which seems to be made for this moment. Tanzanite glows a beautiful blue, which together with diamonds in jewellery creates the perfect spectacle, that few women can resist.

Celebrating the uniqueness of manHolidays and birthdays are a beautiful moment, that directly calls for a diamond. As the price level of diamond jewellery is very wide (for example, in our D.I.C. they are available from USD 120), jewellery becomes available to anyone and every such moment can be sealed with a diamond, even a holiday.

However, for those very significant moments, such as 18th birthdays or round anniversaries, there are jewels that reveal their importance at a glance.

Life MilestonesCompletion of studies, fulfillment of a personal goal, celebration of a work achievement, and any moment of "victory". A moment that will never be forgotten for its specialness. It is so beautiful when there is someone around us, who celebrate it with us with a diamond. But it can also be ourselves. Diamond jewellery is a truly beautiful gift, but we can also give ourselves, as all of these victories are our efforts, that need to be properly appreciated.

Diamonds are simply a gift, which you can give to a woman, a man, or even yourself. Its magnificence needs no further words and believe me, these jewels will radiate their message as soon as you open the gift box. And those are the moments we have never forgot...

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